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War of 1812Edit

British incursion and interference in American expansionism leads to a war on the Canadian frontier, ending with no real boundary modifications. It is disputed whether it was over Britain's significance in the Atlantic and North America, or merely the United States' desire to incorporate Canada into the republic.

American Civil WarEdit

The Trent Affair forced the British' hand and provided the Confederacy political support and recognition from Great Britain. France followed suit. The multiple blockades of the Confederacy by the Union eventually failed and the ensuing war came out in the Confederacy's favor, seizing many southern states, including valuable central state territories.

World War One Edit

1914 Edit

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed by a Gavrilo Princip, and a group of assassins finishes off the remaining in Serbia.

Austria invades Serbia without warning, taking the countrie within weeks.

Russia mobilizes and masses on their borders.

Germany mobilizes. The Schrieffer plan becomes common place among military commanders.

France and England fully mobilize.

World War 1 begins with the first shots in Liege. Forwards from the German 3rd Corps and the French 1st Armee clash in Liege, destroying much of the town. Belgium falls. Holland is occupied within the month.

Armies clash at Marnes and Ypres

1915 Edit

The first Belgium offensive from France to free the country from their German owners, fails, only gaining a bit of the coast and around 50 Miles of Belgium's previously owned land, but Belgium liberated some of its people, at a high cost.

The Battle of Ypres II begins. German victory

Corporal Adolf Hitler is killed during a retreat. Shot in the back, his wounds were fatal.

1916 Edit

The battle of the Somme begins, the first use of tanks, by the British 'failure'. British Victory

Battle of the Verdun begins. German Victory

1917 Edit

The German Empire reforms into the newer People's Germany.

1918 Edit

Battle of the Marne II begins. German victory

The Battle of Ypres III begins. French and British victory

German lines hold. WWI is ended in an uneasy armistice. Belgium is released but Germany retains control of conquered Russian land.

Era of Tumult Edit

Germany has retained the surrounding territories it earned in World War 1 and has become the largest mainland presence in continental Europe, for now. Brazil and the United States have both utilized nuclear weapons in the years of 1945 and 1958. Canada, however, annexes northern Maine in a campaign before the United States could put the weapon to the test in combat. 

1960 - Present Edit

The new Shah of Persia is able to unite most of the Middle East under a single banner. Concurrently, they are the largest oil producer. Canada follows with extensive research divisions and military. Brazil stacks on top with GDP and industry. Russia follows behind, producing large quantities of natural minerals and stones. Canada tests their first nuclear weapons in 1961.


This will be patched together, with history and Alt history that will be made, and be from the previous FOL projects.

(Side Note: Due to the lack of a Third Reich and amazing scientists, modern rocket science is much more dated. Atomic research is at an all time low, and jet planes are just starting to become relevant in Britain and the US)

-Minecrafter519 (Alexander)

-REALCO (Timothy)

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